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The Shackleton Association
Register dated June 4th 2008

The Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum includes, within its sixteen thousand names, the names of those comrades of the members of the Shackleton Association who were lost during the course of Shackleton aircraft operations.

This Register has been compiled in the order in which their names are engraved on the Memorial not only to help with the finding of a name but to also record for future generations their ranks, duties and brief circumstances of their loss.

It is hoped that the establishment of the Armed Forces Memorial, the Shackleton Association Memorial and the Shackleton Association Register will preserve the memory of all who were lost, many of whom have no known grave but that of the ocean into which they fell.

“To speak a man’s name is to make him live forever”

Presented to the Trustees of the National Memorial Arboretum by the Members of the Shackleton Association to commemorate the dedication of the Shackleton Association Memorial on June 4th 2008.

The Shackleton Association Register

Panels 63 and 64

VP261 of 240 Squadron, lost in the North Sea 25th June 1952.

Bisdee W M Wing Cdr Pilot
Blackall R O Ft Lt Pilot
Burch D W Sgt Air Signaller
Butler D A Sgt Air Engineer
Imrie J A Sgt Air Gunner
Johnstone R LAC Mechanic
Norman N T Sgt Air Gunner
Pratt P E E Ft Sgt Air Signaller
Rourke J P Sgt Navigator
Vincent J M D Fg Off Pilot
Wadsworth P R LAC Mechanic

Panel 65

VP286 of 236OCU lost off Cromarty 8th October 1952

Arundel K G Sgt Air Signaller
Callow W A Pt Off Navigator
Deans R B Sgt Radar Gunner
Funnel B K Sgt Air Signaller
Gillespie G H SAC Mechanic
Hill G Sgt Air Signaller
Hunter R LAC Mechanic
Johnstone A Pt Off Navigator
Kilbride D C Sgt Air Signaller
Leighton T E Sgt Pilot
Pinn E W G Sgt Air Gunner
Smith H A Sgt Air Engineer
Southgate D J Sgt Pilot
Western J C Ft Sgt Pilot

Panel 78

WL746 of 240 Squadron lost off the Argyllshire coast 11th December 1953.

Allen L R Sgt Air Signaller
Bern M B Sgt Air Signaller
Brinkman A Pt Off Navigator
Brown H A Fg Off Navigator
Chevalier F Ft Lt Pilot
Dodd J Sgt Air Signaller
Griffin M J Sgt Air Signaller
Griffin M W R Sgt Air Engineer
Harrington P W Sgt Air Engineer
McReavy A G Ft Sgt Pilot

Panel 84

WL794 of 38 Squadron lost in the Mediterranean 12th February 1954

Betts N W Sgt Air Engineer
Edlund P L Sgt Air Signaller
Henderson J D Sgt Air Signaller
Hennell J H Sgt Pilot
Raddon P F J Sgt Air Signaller
Rawlinson W L Ft Sgt Air Engineer
Skinner D Sgt Air Signaller
Sloan C H P M Nav Navigator
Smallwood A Fg Off Navigator
Stevenson R J Ft Lt Pilot

Panel 93

WG531 and WL743, both of 42 Squadron, lost in the Irish Sea 11th January 1955

Board G Fg Off Pilot
Cathcart I O M Sig Air Signaller
Cooper L W Sgt Air Signaller
Davies H Sgt Pilot
Goodwin J T Sgt Air Signaller
Horrocks N Fg Off Navigator
Male D Sgt Air Engineer
Molyneux G Fg Off Navigator
Morgan E J Sgt Air Signaller
Rae M G Ft Sgt Air Signaller
Richards K G Fg Off Pilot
Ridgers R E Sgt Air Signaller
Rogers G Fg Off Navigator
Scott C W Sgt Air Signaller
Swann L R Sgt Air Signaller
Thompson G Sgt Air Engineer
Webb B H Fg Off Navigator
Wood L W Pt Off Pilot

Panel 95

Lost from WB849 over Loch Neagh 8th June 1955

Coates G Sgt Air Signaller

WR970 crashed at Foolow, Derbyshire, 7th December 1956

Wales J B OBE DFC Sqdn Ldr Pilot

Panel 115

VP259 of MOTU lost near Elgin 10th January 1958

Emsden N N S Fg Off Pilot
Stastny K AFM M Pilot Pilot

Panel 117

VP254 of 205/209 Squadron lost in the South China Sea 9th December 1958

Barnley P C Sgt Air Signaller
Bouttell W A S Ft Lt Pilot
Bowater S DFC AFC Ft Lt Pilot
Dancy D H G N DFC Ft Sgt Air Engineer
Jones M A C Fg Off Navigator
Marshall P Sgt Air Signaller
Moore A C Fg Off Navigator
Owen E L Ft Sgt Air Signaller
Sixsmith J E Sgt Air Signaller
Stewart J M Sig Air Signaller

Fell from WG533 of 224 Squadron near Gibraltar 12th August 1962

Gibbings P T J Sgt Air Signaller

Shackleton 1718 of the South African Air Force was lost in the Stettynskloof Mountains, South Africa, 8th August 1963

Siversten T H Captain Commander and Pilot
Du Plooy C A 2nd Lt Co- Pilot
Labuschagne J G Captain Co-Pilot
Coetzee A G W Lt Navigator
Smith G J 2nd Lt Navigator
Strauss D I CO Navigator
Scully S S WO2 Flight Engineer
Vorster M C A/Cpl Flight Engineer
Sheasby D H A/Sgt Signals Leader
Viljoen C P A/Cpl Radio Operator
Taljaard M J A/Cpl Radio Operator
Bordreiss M A A/Cpl Radio Operator
Chamberlain J A/M Radio Operator

Panel 142

XF704 of 201 Squadron lost in the Moray Firth 8th December 1965

Bray M D A Sgt AEOp
Bromley A G Sgt AEOp
Orme B S Ft Sgt Air Engineer
Patrick G W Fg Off Navigator
Perry D W Ft Lt Pilot
Taylor C B Ft Lt Pilot
Timms B M Eng Air Engineer
Williams J S Fg Off Pilot

Panel 148

WL786 of 205 Squadron lost in the Indian Ocean 5th November 1967

Adams R N Ft Sgt AEOp
Blake H Ft Lt Pilot
Bungay R K Fg Off Pilot
Greatorex K M Ft Lt Navigator
Love D Plt Off Navigator
Morgan D H Sgt Air Signaller
Rees R G Ft Sgt AEOp
Stanley I B Ft Lt AEO

WR976 of 120 Squadron lost in the Atlantic 19th November 1967

Brown A Sgt AEOp
Gent J F Ft Sgt Air Signaller
Gordon K R Fg Off Air Engineer
Hollins F R Ft Lt Pilot
Letchford B C Sqdn Ldr Pilot
Spicer E T Ft Lt Navigator
Stowell P J Fg Off AEO
Fillion J D Ft Lt (RCAF) Navigator

XF702 of 206 Squadron lost in Inverness-shire 21st December 1967

Bowen M B Sgt AEOp
Evans D J Fg Off Pilot
Fonseca R J Fg Off Navigator
Harris D J Ft Sgt AEOp
Harvey H Sqdn Ldr AEO
Hurry K B Sgt Air Signaller
Jones M A Sgt Air Engineer
Mackie B G W Ft Lt Navigator
Maclean I C Pt Off 1 Gp HQ Staff
Matthews C P Sgt AEOp
McCallum M C Sqdn Ldr Pilot
Swinney T C Fg Off Pilot
Young J V Fg Off AEO

Panel 150

WB833 of 204 Squadron lost on the Mull of Kintyre 19th April 1968

Burton D R Fg Off Pilot
Buttimore T F A Ft Sgt AEOp
Creamer J R F Sgt Air Engineer
Creedon M Fg Off Pilot
Denny R J D Ft Lt Navigator
Dixon B R Sgt AEOp
Duffy N M Sgt Air Signaller
Fisken G C Ft Lt Navigator
Haggett R C L Sqdn Ldr Pilot
Hellens R Ft Lt AEO
Stratton R C M Sig Air Signaller

Panel 160

Accidentally killed at Kinloss 7th September 1972

Ross A D Ft Sgt Air Engineer

Died whilst piloting a Shackleton of the South African Air Force in 1983

Bondesio M, AFC Major Commander and Pilot

Panel 201

WR965 of 8 Squadron lost in the Outer Hebrides 30th April 1990

Boulton S J Cpl Technician
Burns C H Fg Off Pilot
Campbell A D Ft Lt Navigator
Forbes K S Ft Lt GD(G)FC
Lane J A Sqdn Ldr Navigator
Miller G A R Sgt Air Engineer
Ricketts K P Ft Sgt AEOp
Roncoroni S J Wg Cdr Pilot
Scutt R A M AEOp AEOp
Wrighton C F Wg Cdr Navigator

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Compiled on behalf of the Shackleton Association by
M. Wells
Association Member
Rosliston, Derbyshire, 2008.