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126th Growler

The Growler No 126 - Autumn 2019The Autumn 2019 (126th) edition of The Growler is out now!


After WW Two Was Over
Musings of a Ground Crew
A Shackleton Experience
Memories of Majunga

and more.....

News Mailing List

Apologies to anyone who has recently received an email from our news mailing list, telling them they have been unsubscribed. Recent housekeeping to remove out of date email addresses from the news mailing list had inadvertently removed a few too many. Hopefully this has now been rectified.

Note that members can join the mailing list in the members only area or by sending their email address to the webteam.

Once again, we aplogise for any inconvenience caused.

Bryn Lewis

Bryn Lewis, who has been our steadfast and distinguished Chairman for many years, has decided to retire and we are sure that all of our membership would wish to join the committee in thanking him for his hard work, dedication and extremely valuable service for the Association. His enthusiastic leadership and careful management has proved to be a most reliable and valuable asset, and he will be greatly missed at future committee meetings.

Shackleton Association Crest Carving

Shackleton Association Plaque Shackleton Association Plaque

Paul Slee and his wife presented this beautiful wooden carving to the Association at the 2017 Annual Dinner. Paul carved it by hand over a number of months using a picture of the Association's crest as his design. The accuracy of the carving and level of detail are absolutely incredible.

Mailing List

The email message shown below was sent on 12 Jan 2015 to all of the Association’s members who have registered their email address with us. Consequently, if you didn’t receive this message and you have an email address, please let our Membership Secretary know by sending him an email to

Dear Members,

The deaths of our members are shown in The Growler but, of course, this does not allow sufficient time to publish any funeral arrangements that may have been passed onto the Association. Consequently, as we are aware that members may wish to attend these functions, especially if they are local to their residence, we have decided to pass these details onto to as many members as possible. Unfortunately, the only method of carrying out this process in a reasonable time is to pass the details via email and, therefore, we have decided to circulate via email any funeral arrangements that we receive to those members who have registered their email address with the Association.

Rest assured that funeral arrangements will not be circulated without the knowledge and agreement of appropriate family members.

Kind Regards & A Happy New Year,
Wally Allaway
Membership Secretary
The Shackleton Association