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Shackleton Model Kits Review

One of our association members, Jason Moore who lives in Texas, has sent us a very interesting and comprehensive review of the many available Shackleton model kits. You can read his review here: Shackleton model kits review.

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints

Take a look at Rob Wigham Watercolours as they have a limited edition water colour print, entitled 'Coming Home', of a Shackleton Mk3 over Findhorn Bay on approach to land at RAF Kinloss.

127th Growler

The Growler No 127 - Winter 2019The Winter 2019 (127th) edition of The Growler is out now!


Shackleton Ninety North
Reflections on Exercise Mariner
Expedition to Lake Chini, Pahang, Malaysia
Falklands - Nimrod Surveillance Operations

and more.....

The Shackleton Trophy 2019

The Shackleton Trophy is presented anually to the best ATC Expedition. This year the Bristol & Gloucestershire Wing won it with their expedition “Exercise Mountain Storm” set around Banff, Canada. See the Shackleton Trophy page for more information.

Shackleton Trophy Presentation 2019 Shackleton Trophy Presentation 2019

To see more photos of this event view the photo album.

News Mailing List

Apologies to anyone who has recently received an email from our news mailing list, telling them they have been unsubscribed. Recent housekeeping to remove out of date email addresses from the news mailing list had inadvertently removed a few too many. Hopefully this has now been rectified.

Note that members can join the mailing list in the members only area or by sending their email address to the webteam.

Once again, we aplogise for any inconvenience caused.

Shackleton Association Crest Carving

Shackleton Association PlaqueShackleton Association Plaque

Paul Slee and his wife presented this beautiful wooden carving to the Association at the 2017 Annual Dinner. Paul carved it by hand over a number of months using a picture of the Association's crest as his design. The accuracy of the carving and level of detail are absolutely incredible.