Shackleton Graphics

First Flight 9th March 1949

First Flight Cartoon
Cartoon by the late Charles "Holly" Hall

The MarkI Was First On The Squadrons
Shackleton Mk1 1 - VP291
VP291 of 224 Squadron (John Botwood)

Then Came The Mark II
Shackleton Mk2 - WL745
WL745 (John Botwood)

The Mark III
Shackleton Mk3 - XF708
Duxford's XF708 (John Botwood)

And The AEW2
Shackleton AEW2 - WL757
WL757 of 8 Squadron (Brian Bundock)

The Situation in 1991
Shackleton and Sentry aircraft

As Seen By "Holly"
Shackleton and Sentry cartoon

SAAF Mark III - 1722
SAAF Shackleton Mk3 - 1722
(John Botwood)

Not A Lot Of People Know This One
Royal Aircraft Establishment Shackleton - WR972
WR972 With The Royal Aircraft Establishment - (John Botwood)