The Shackleton Association

The Shackleton Association

The Shackleton Association CrestThe Shackleton Association was conceived and founded in 1987 by John Botwood, who quickly assembled a dedicated group of mainly ex RAF members who had been associated with the Avro Shackleton during their service career and who were determined that the memory of this great aircraft should never be forgotten.

We are not a Preservation Society. It was realised at the outset that we would not have the resources to purchase and maintain a Shackleton aircraft in flying order, or even to have one of our own as a static exhibit. Nevertheless, we are keenly interested in the preservation of the Avro Shackleton aircraft for future generations.

2022 Annual Dinner and AGM

Details are now available on the events page and also in the Winter 2021 Growler No 135.

2021 Membership Fees - Message from the Memsec

"I seek your help and support in collecting the 2021 increased subscriptions of £15 for single membership or £17 for joint membership. Many of you have already insured that the Association has received the increased subscriptions either by an increased standing order, bank transfer or cheque. I am afraid there are still about 300 members, who have not increased their subscriptions. Therefore we have only received the former amount of either £12.50 for single or £14 for joint membership. It is proving a mammoth task contacting underpaying members as well as continuing with the normal membership secretary functions. Therefore, will members please check that their increased subscription fee has been paid. If only the old fee has been paid could you please forward either the extra £2.50 for single or £3 for joint membership by your usual method of payment. Any assistance in reducing the number of members that have got to be contacted will be great help and much appreciated."

Aims and Objectives of the Shackleton Association


Membership is open to anyone who is sympathetic to our aims and objectives. Although the majority of members are currently ex-aircrew and groundcrew who have been associated with the Shackleton over the years, we welcome serving members of the Royal Air Force and indeed anyone who is an enthusiast of the Shackleton.

Through the pages of our quarterly magazine ‘The Growler’, many memories are invoked and numerous friends are reunited after having lost touch due both to time and distance. During each year, we have visits to places of interest and social events where members can get together and reminisce about their life and times and to share with others the topic which is common and dear to all of us - The Avro Shackleton.

Interested in joining us?

You can join us by post or online - please visit the membership page for details.